Weddings are for rejoicing, not posing... But you can never have too many pictures of a wedding. Most people want the standard pictures of the principals; bride, groom, their families, and attendants. For good reason, these photographs take their place in a gallery of family portraits, and even the corniest poses, like cutting the wedding cake assume historical proportions when placed next to a nearly identical shot of your parents doing precisely the same thing 35 years ago.

ELITE Photo & Video Productions address not only the portrait aspect of a wedding, but also uses a more journalistic, candid approach to the party, which results in a combination of beautiful formal portraits and a less formal, but more complete record of the day. On your special day, we can begin with the traditional portraits before the ceremony, followed by unobtrusive photographs of the wedding ceremony. Afterwards, our team captures the festivities of the wedding reception.

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best services available. We accommodate all special requests and our stylistic approach to covering your affair is designed around your needs and taste.

With all the time, energy and emotion devoted to planning an affair, people often neglect the importance of capturing the essence of the occasion in pictures leaving that most-important choice to a decision based on price alone. Once your special day ends, all that remains are your memories and your photographs.

Don't take a chance on having your affair be anything less than elegant, fun and memorable. At ELITE Photo & Video Productions our staff has a Positive Attitude, a Great Personality, a Great Sense of Humor, Patience, Understanding, a Professional Appearance, Common Sense, Creativity, a Non-intrusive Approach and of course... Technical Skill

Our caring dedicated staff of Photographers, Customer service people and Production experts, want to help to make your affair a great success and give you beautiful memories.

Presentations by appointment.

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